Salvageable Waste

We live in a largely throwaway world and our planet is worse off for it. In contrast to this, we provide a salvageable waste service in South Australia. We take your rubbish off your hands and purchase what is resaleable from you. Our rubbish removal service is competitively priced and good for the environment. There is too much landfill poisoning our soil and waterways in this great state of ours. Our experienced waste management can dispose of your trash correctly, ensuring recycling and salvage where possible. We offer a complete service for all kinds of waste to free your property, home, or business from the shadow of unwanted stuff and clutter.

What We Can Salvage

Furniture and white goods are the main items we can salvage and resell. If you have a bunch of unwanted rubbish you are wishing to dispose of, we can sort it and dispose of it for you. We can organise the right size skip bin for your trash at the best price. We can correctly separate hazardous materials, E-waste, mattresses, car tyres and the like and dispose of these according to state regulations. We will pay you for the salvageable waste and charge you accordingly for the collection and disposal of the rest. We provide a free no obligation quote.

Is it Time for a Fresh Start?

We turn what often feels like a headache into a quick and efficient cleansing and clearing. Having unwanted rubbish hanging over you is never fun. Is it time for a fresh start? Removing clutter and junk from your home, property, or business can make way for new opportunities. We can salvage what is salvageable and take the hassle out of that at a fair price. No need to deal with a multitude of dealers, car tyre kickers, and penny pinchers.

A Fair Price on Salvageable Goods

We offer a fair price on salvageable goods and take them away pronto. Getting all that old stuff and rubbish out of your hair will put a smile on your face. Our operators are professional and helpful. We are experienced salvage people and do the best by our clients. We provide you with a fixed price that you can count on. Our salvage and furnishings operation offers buyers and sellers fair deals and value for money. We work hard to clear your property of refuse and unwanted materials. We come to you and collect the stuff, saving you time and money.

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