Mattress & Car Tyre Removal

Mattresses and car tyres can be a pain to dispose of and we take that off your shoulders. We offer a mattress and car tyre removal service for South Australians. Don’t sweat it when you can get a complete collection and disposal service for less than you might think. Our competitive rates make cleaning up your junk easier than doing all that heavy lifting yourself. We are experts at waste management, salvage, and rubbish removal in Adelaide and surrounds. We look after both metro and rural regions in this great state of ours. We offer a no obligation quote on all our services.

Unwanted Mattresses Taken Away

Mattresses are big bulky things that take up a lot of space and the tip charges to take them. You might have upgraded your old mattress or are thinking about doing so. Or, you might have old spare mattresses taking up valuable storage space at home or in the garage. We can assist you in the correct disposal of your old mattress. Mattresses contain many recyclable materials including foam, latex, springs, and scrap metal. We can ensure that your old sleeping buddy goes into helping the environment via recycling and does not contribute to a worsening landfill situation.

Old Car Tyres & Bush Fire Dangers

Old car tyres are dirty things to handle and really bad for the environment if not correctly disposed of. We can help take these filthy, tiresome, and dangerous things away. Old rubber tyres are extremely dangerous fire hazards. There are thousands of illegally dumped old tyres polluting our environment every year. Bush fires feed on these endangering lives and property. Our car tyre removal service can do your dirty work for you and keep our environment clean and safe. Proper recycling of tyres saves over 85% of the rubber and some 95% of the steel used in tyres.

Free No Obligation Quote on Waste Disposal

Our salvage and rubbish removal services are second to none in Adelaide and throughout the state. We offer mattress and car tyre removal to ensure that you don’t get your hands too dirty. We take the heavy lifting out of disposing of your old mattress. We provide a no obligation quote on all of our waste disposal services. You may have old furniture and white goods that we can buy to offset some of the cost. Smart thinking means less hard stinky work for you.

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