Hazardous Waste Removal

We can assist with your hazardous waste removal in Adelaide and around the state. We are salvage and waste disposal professionals, with years of experience caring for the environment and doing the right thing. Are you aware of the various different types of hazardous waste? It is important to know how to correctly dispose of these hazardous materials. Many solid and liquid wastes are not suitable to be thrown out via your weekly rubbish removal method. Do not put out hazardous stuff for garbage collection. We can help you to dispose of these potentially dangerous materials safely.

Types of Hazardous Waste

Some of the hazardous waste products you should be aware of include:

  • Home improvement products like house paints, thinners, and adhesives.
  • Automotive products such as fuels, lubricants, and degreasers.
  • Garden chemicals like pesticides, fertilisers, and weed killers.
  • Cleaning products such as oven cleaner, bleaches, ammonias, and furniture polish.
  • Insecticides and rat poison.
  • Pool products like chlorine and chemicals.
  • Asbestos

These materials require special hazardous waste removal and asbestos is, of course, in a high risk category all of its own. We can help you safely remove these potentially dangerous products from your home, business, or property. We are experts at handling dirty and hazardous stuff for our clients to ensure they comply with state regulations and do the right thing. Talk to us today about a no obligation quote.

We Take Care of Your Hazardous Material Disposal

Our exceptional service at competitive rates will take care of your hazardous waste disposal in Adelaide and surrounds. We understand the importance of sorting out all your rubbish into the correct categories for safe disposal. Our commitment to the environment is rock solid and why we are in this industry in the first place. We believe in recycling and reducing landfill in South Australia for the betterment of our kids and their kids.

We Do All the Heavy lifting

Our salvage and rubbish removal services are all about doing the heavy lifting for you. We do it every day and therefore know how to do it best. We source the right price for everything we do and ensure that you only pay a fair rate for all your waste disposal. Getting rid of dangerous substances and materials is a responsibility we take seriously on your behalf. If you are unsure about whether you have hazardous materials on your property we can check it out for you and advise you on the situation.

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